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Almond-Rice Cooler
Servings: 8

2/3 cup medium or long-grain rice
1 1/4 cups blanched almonds
3-inch piece cinnamon stick, preferably Mexican
2 1/2 cups hot tap water
1 cup sugar, plus more as needed
2 cups cold water or milk

1. In a large bowl, combine the rice, almonds, cinnamon stick and hot water. Let cool, then cover and refrigerate overnight.
2. Pour the mixture into a blender, add the 1 cup sugar and blend on high speed until smooth, 3 to 4 minutes. Line a chinois or other fine-mesh sieve with cheesecloth and set over a clean bowl. Pour the mixture through the sieve and press on the solids until only a dry pulp remains. Pour the liquid into a pitcher, add the 2 cups cold water, taste and add a little more sugar, if needed. Pour into ice-filled tall glasses.


Recipe Comments

Nov 11th 2013
What on earth is Mexican canela and where would you find it?
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