thatRyan's Fitness Journal

Exercise is hard!

May 13, 2014 - Well I got on the treadmill again today. I m actually really happy that I ve moved from just dieting to exercise too. My Mio Alpha has helped, it s fun to track my calories burned while I work out, it s great motivation. Just for my own records, my treadmill exercise is currently one mile at 3.5 mph. At my current weight I burn nearly 400 calories doing this. I cool down with some light weights, and I m over 400 calories by the time I get through a few reps of simple upper body weights. This is pretty sustainable for me since I have the treadmill and weight bench in my office, so I m hopeful that I ll be able to keep this up. As I get more fit I ll just increase the angle of the treadmill to keep it challenging.

Back on track...

May 12, 2014 - Well my birthday was last week and I went off the rails on Thursday. I m just getting back on the rails now Monday haha. I m back on the 1200 calorie kick. Also, for my birthday I got a Mio Alpha heart rate watch. Today I exercised for 27 minutes. I started with some light weights and then walked a mile on the treadmill. It took me about 18 minutes to get a mile... I ll do better next time. All in all I burned about 400 calories in a half an hour. If I can do that Mon-Fri moving forward then I ll not only feel a lot better but my weight loss will be more effective too. I m really looking forward to playing with this watch. I intentionally got one that didn t have GPS, my phone has that. I also got the Mio Alpha because it doesn t require a ... more.

End of week two, 5 pounds down!

May 3, 2014 - Well, 4.8 pounds to be exact, but I ll take it! I m so excited! I was ready to have a crappy loss this week. I clearly 9 pounds of weight loss in the first week was due do a massive amount of water loss. Typically the second week is lower as your body adjusts to your new lifestyle, whether that be dieting or exercise or both. I m really happy with this loss - and bracing myself for a lower number next week

Monday morning, second week of diet...

Apr 28, 2014 - Still on diet. That is all

The Twinkie Diet - Or Why I Decided To Count Calories To Lose Weight

Apr 26, 2014 - This is an article that I read a couple years ago that made me decide to count calories as a weight loss method. Twinkie diet helps nutrition professor lose 27 pounds. It s not rocket science but it makes the point really well. Weight loss is just simple math. Calories in and calories out. If you haven t see it yet, check out the calorie calculator to see how much you burn just by being you everyday. Combine that with some healthy exercise for fitness and then watch what you eat very closely. I mean, get obsessive all up in the joint. If you ve tried other methods and you re feeling like you just can t do it, then give calorie counting a shot. If you re feeling really gangsta then put your money where you re mouth is and comment here that ... more.

My Personal Diet Plan - This Time Around

Apr 26, 2014 - So, this is what I m trying, we ll see how it goes. I ve done this before and had success - the trick is staying on the plan and not giving up or losing interest. Sunday through Friday - 1200 calories per day Saturday - whatever I want within reason So at my current weight I burn about 3400 calories per day before exercising check out the ScaleWars calories per day calculator to find out how many calories you burn every day . If I eat 1200 calories, then that comes out to about a 2200 calorie deficit per day. In six says that s 13,200 calories, or about 3.8 pounds. As long as I don t go too crazy on Saturdays I should have a nice constant loss of three pounds or so per week. Before you start in on me, I realize that I ll have better ... more.

Starting Again

Apr 26, 2014 - I can t count how many times I ve started diets, but every time I m hopeful that this time will be the one. This time is no different... I m hoping to stay motivated and I m hoping that will be the thing I need to do that. I ve actually been dieting for four days already, since Tuesday. I m counting calories and so far it s going well.

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