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Healthier TV/movie watching snacks
Oct 5th 2013
Is it even possible to watch tv or go see a movie and not load up on snacks? I don't think it is. I have a busy work week and by the end of it all I want to do is park myself in front of the tv or go to the movies. I eat well an exercise throughout the week so this is my big reward so to speak. Basically it's just a chance to relax, unwind and escape all the pressure of work. However, the experience just isn't satisfying without a big bowl of something to snack on while watching. I tried pretzels and it just felt like I was eating cardboard. I tried nuts but discovered they were just as fattening as potato chips. Are there any snacks I could use as a substitute that still taste good but won't pack on the pounds?
Oct 6th 2013
If you really want to lose weight then you should avoid eating in front of the television. Studies show that a person is far more likely to consume far more calories when eating while watching tv.
Oct 20th 2013
There are lots of healthy flavourful options out there but Bitmap makes a good point. Whatever you choose, remember that how much you eat is as important as what you eat. If you love a certain snack you should have it. Just don't eat a huge bowl of it. Allow yourself to have more of the healthier snacks but don't feel you have to discard the higher fat snacks...just have less of it.
Oct 20th 2013
Yup! Use small bowls and leave the bags in the kitchen so you're not tempted to constantly refill them throughout the movie.
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