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Emotional eater
Sep 25th 2013
Last year I dropped 35 pounds and so far I have managed to keep it off. Every day is a struggle though. I check myself on the scale once a week to keep from slipping, but I still feel a big urge to binge in times of stress. I know I need to develop ways of coping but I'd like to hear from anyone else who is struggling with this issue to help get me on the right track.
Sep 25th 2013
First of all, congrats on your weight-loss! I am also an emotional eater. At Weight Watchers they refer to it as "feeding your feelings." Here are some strategies that have worked for me:

take a walk when you feel the urge to give into temptation.
avoid watching too much television as it can trigger feelings of hunger.
drink water and wait at least 20 minutes before eating something.

Most important is to not beat yourself up if you do binge. Just dust yourself off and start again!
Sep 25th 2013
Those are really helpful tips. Thanks!
Oct 20th 2013
Going for a walk or taking a relaxing bath can be great distractions but if that doesn't work maybe you could come up with a special reward you could give yourself for sticking with your plan?
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