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Diet tips for a newbie?
Sep 25th 2013
After years of frustration I finally feel that I am ready to commit to weight loss. I know that it's more important that I control what I put in my mouth than how much or how often I exercise but I know that if I make drastic changes I will get discouraged fast. I'm calling on all you successful dieters out there to help out a struggling newbie
Sep 25th 2013
Portion control is the best place to start. Even if you keep eating the same foods you are used to eating, just focus on eating smaller amounts. Then, gradually replace the unhealthy or processed foods with fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins and fish. You'll lose weight and have more energy. At this point you can start introducing moderate exercise and build slowly. Best of luck!
Sep 25th 2013
Dangle has given you some great advice. The only other suggestion I can make is to try not to think of exercise as something you "have" to do. You don't need to start running and lifting weights if that's not your thing. Consider a dance or yoga class or some other activity that gets your body moving but doesn't necessarily feel like "exercise." Know what I mean?
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