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Get Healthy for Christmas
Ended 2797 days ago (Oct 25 to Dec 20)
Coach: RyboFlavin
Players: 6
Type: Pounds Lost
Format: Individual
Entry Fee: $0.00
Pot: $0.00
Next Weigh-In: none
1thatRyan-7.60 lbs
2Cupcake-4.00 lbs

Description and Rules

This is a test run of a competition to see how it goes. We'll do weekly weigh-ins and the winner gets bragging rights, and a healthier, merrier Christmas!

Standard rules apply, weigh-ins are every Saturday with pictures of your toes on a digital scale.

Here's the weight in schedule. I'll post the secret word for each weigh in by Friday. Your weigh in picture must include your digital scale with your weight displayed, your feet, and a piece of paper with the secret word for that week written on it. This is to get around people using old photos and cheating with their weigh-ins :)

2014-10-25 scale and body photo
2014-11-01 scale photo (secret word: "Jian")
2014-11-08 scale photo (secret word: "Apple")
2014-11-15 scale photo (secret word: "Comet")
2014-11-22 scale photo (secret word: "Bingo")
2014-11-29 scale photo (secret word: "Castle")
2014-12-06 scale photo (secret word: "Gumdrop")
2014-12-13 scale photo
2014-12-20 scale and body photo

Competition Comments

Nov 16th 2014
We have a nice downward trending graph, way to go people!!!!
Nov 11th 2014
Welcome aboard, FattyMTL!
Nov 10th 2014
can't wait to give this a try...its always a war with my scale! hopefully this will motivate me to lose some weight before i go down south for christmas!
Nov 6th 2014
Make sure to have a piece of paper with "Apple" on it in your weigh-in pic. Good luck this week!
Nov 1st 2014
Just weighed in. WOOT!
Oct 31st 2014
Hey hey let's shed!
Don't forget to weigh-in on Saturday and be sure to have a scrap of paper in the picture of your toes on the scale with the word "Jian" scribbled on it.
Oct 29th 2014
Hey party people!

Looking forward to getting thin with all you chunky monkeys!
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