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Belly Buster Challenge
Ended 3182 days ago (Oct 9 to Nov 30)
Coach: Geepers
Players: 4
Type: Pounds Lost
Format: Individual
Entry Fee: $0.00
Pot: $0.00
Next Weigh-In: none
1Cupcake-8.00 lbs
3RyboFlavin+9.40 lbs
4Geepers+11.60 lbs

Description and Rules

There is no entry fee for this competition.
The competition will run from Oct. 9, 2013 until Nov. 30, 2013.
The winner of this competition will be determined by whoever has lost the most pounds throughout the competition. The contest winner will be announced on the final date of the competition.
This competition is open to anyone 18 years of age or older.

Oct. 9: Initial weigh-in (mandatory)
Oct. 16: Weigh-in and photo required (mandatory)
Oct. 24: Weigh-in and photo required
Oct. 30: Weigh-in and photo required
Nov. 2: Weigh-in and photo required
Nov. 9: Weigh-in and photo required
Nov. 16: Weigh-in and photo required
Nov. 23: Weigh-in and photo required (mandatory)
Nov. 30: Final weigh-in. (mandatory) Winner announced.

Weigh-in reminders will be sent via email. Don't forget to check your junk folders!

Weekly weigh-in must be submitted within 24 hours of the posted weigh-in date. If you don't submit your weight and photo within this time period you will forfeit your submission for that particular week, however you can still participate in subsequent weigh-ins.

The first two and last two weigh-ins are mandatory. If you miss the mandatory weigh-ins you forfeit any potential winnings.

Coaches may grant an extension, however this would be on a case-by-case basis and the coach's decision shall be deemed final. Requests for an extension must be sent to the coach via email before the next scheduled weigh-in.

Weigh-ins must be photographed on a digital scale with your toes in the picture. Photos must also include the "Word of the Day." This word will be posted below by the coach for each weekly weigh-in.

Oct. 9: "Sublime"
Oct. 16: "Delicious"
Oct. 24: "Metallic"
Oct. 30: "Warrior"
Nov. 2: "Success"
Nov. 9: "Wish"
Nov. 16: "Fortune"
Nov. 23: "Obstacle"
Nov. 30: "Devine"

Before and after pics must be emailed to your coach and should consist of a front and side view with the date included in the picture. You must submit final pics before any prize will be awarded.

Competition Comments

Dec 19th 2013

hello s
Dec 18th 2013
Greg was the big winner...wtg Greg!
Dec 18th 2013
So how did this comp go?

Oh, pretty good
Dec 18th 2013
So how did this comp go?
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